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MAN AND WOMAN From the film "Red Garters" (1954) (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans) Rosemary Clooney & Guy Mitchell (Film Soundtrack) - 1954 ROSEMARY CLOONEY: Men! A man is stubborn as a mule He don't learn half enough in school The only thing that drives him is his ego GUY MITCHELL: A woman likes to criticise She wants to dominate the guys If she were smart, she'd be a man's amigo BOTH: Man and woman, day and night They always try to make the other see the light RC: A man don't know what's good for him GM: A gal jumps in where she can't swim BOTH: Some old thing, wherever he is, she goes Man and woman, friend and foe They're just as far apart as yes and no GM: Women, hah, they like to spend all we can spare RC: The woman only wants her share GM: But to her that's just an appetiser RC: The woman knows how things should be GM: Then why ask us if we agree RC: To build you up we make you think you're wiser BOTH: Man and woman, Jack and Jill They blame each other when they tumble down the hill RC: Why, a man don't know the mess he makes GM: Hah, a woman never makes mistakes? RC: Her worst mistake is letting him advise her BOTH: Man and woman, duck and drake They each think they're the icing on the cake RC: Men! GM: Women! BOTH: Hah! RC: You bite off more than you can chew GM: Why, there ain't a thing a man can't do RC: I'd like ta see ya try to be a mother GM: Okay, be a mother, sure you can But just try to be one without a man RC: Huh? GM: Hah-hah, the husband is the better half RC: When I hear that, I have to laugh GM: The husband is the fam'ly head RC: The wife can kick him out of bed GM: A woman likes to flaunt her shape RC: A man is nothin' but an ape GM: I get my way by actin' tough RC: I drop my neckline just enough BOTH: Man and woman, sharp and flat They never seem to get along Even when they're right, they're wrong Man and woman, dog and cat They never think alike and that is that That's that! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2012)


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