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MAN FOR EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, A (Hersal Thomas 1926) as recorded by Sippie Wallace with Louis Armstrong (cornet) and Hersal Thomas (piano) March 3rd 1926 Chicago I am feeling mean and blue, Evil as can be, 'Cause me and my seven men, We all can't agree! They keep me bothered night and day, Tryin' to keep darn fair, But the money I get from all o' my men, This worry I'll drown today! Now my Monday man, he works on Fourth and Main, My Tuesday man gives me my spendin' change, My Wednesday man buys my hats and shoes, My Thursday man don't care what I do! So my Friday man, he buys my home brew beer, My Saturday man, xxxx? my dancin' gear, My Sunday man he dress so nice and neat, He's a nice sweet man I'm always crazy to meet! I've got a regular man for each morn I rise, Bring me good much money every day pass by. I want you all to learn to make your ends all meet, And have a nice good man for every day of the week! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2017)


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