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MANHATTAN MELODRAMA (IT'S JUST THAT KIND OF PLAY) (Music: Richard Rodgers / Lyrics: Lorenz Hart - 1934) All New York's a stage And all its men and women are very bad actors How they rant and rage for food and drink and money For those are the factors Out of the Bronx and Yonkers Rushing to earn a wage He must be strong who conquers On the Manhattan stage Act One, you gulp your coffee and run Into the subway you crowd Don't breathe, it isn't allowed Act Two, the boss is yelling at you You feel so frightened and cowed Don't breathe, it isn't allowed The rows of skyscrapers are like a canyon The sun is hidden 'neath a stony shroud Eight million people and not one companion Don't speak to anyone, it's not allowed Act Three, you hate the sight of Broadway It's just that kind of a play Manhattan Melodrama TRIVIA: Written as the title song for the 1934 film "Manhattan Melodrama", but not used. The song utilised the same melody as Rodgers and Hart's other songs: "Prayer (Oh, Lord, Make Me A Movie Star)", "The Bad In Every Man", and "Blue Moon". (Contributed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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