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MANIAC Michael Sembello Just a small town girl on a Saturday night Looking for the fight of her life in the real time world No one sees her at all they all say she's crazy Locking rhythm to the beat of her heart Changing movement into light She had danced into the danger zone When the dancer becomes the dance 2-It can cut you like a knife if the fight becomes the fire On the wire between will and what will be 1-She's a maniac, maniac on the floor (I sure know) And she's dancing like she's never danced before (rpt 1) On the ice blue line of insanity is a place most never see It's a hard won place of mystery, touch it but can't hold it You work all your life, for that moment in time It could come or pass you by it's a push shove world But there's always a chance if the hunger stays the night There's a cold kinetic heat Struggling stretching for the peak Never stopping with her head against the wind (rpt 1, 1, 2, 1...)


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