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MANNERS MAKETH MAN (Jeremy Clyde) Chad & Jeremy - 1967 When I walked in that café You turned and looked my way You knew that you were being rude To point and to stare So why should I smile When you put me on trial And your daughter wants an autograph And you don't like my hair Perhaps you resent A life that was spent In hating an enemy That you've never seen You believed them when they said There's a red beneath your bed Am I a living symbol of your youth That might have been? Does it become clear As you see me sitting here So well behaved And not like you expect And now do you see That you were once like me But you missed out on a lot of things By being too correct You gave a loud guffaw As I walked in the door And you loudly said, "Hey look at that kid, Will ya look at that kid, will ya?" Then remembering your girl You said, "Hey kid, sign for Merle" Did you notice I was eating And you didn't have the manners to say please (Contributed by EUROPEAN OLDIES - August 2006)


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