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MAN ONLY DOES WHAT A WOMAN MAKES HIM DO, A (Clyde Otis / Kelly Owens) as recorded by Dinah Washington 1959 Treat him gentle and he'll be gentle too, Be sentimental, he'll be the same with you. A man only does what a woman makes him do, oh yeah! Make him your king, you'll be his queen for sure, Make him a home, he'll make that home endure. A man only does, ooh, what a woman makes him do! Show him a star in the heavens, Then show him the rainbow bend. He'll bring that star from the heavens And the gold from the rainbow's end! Give your all, he'll give his all to you, Give him a true love, his love will be as true. A man only does what a woman makes him do-oo-oo! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2016)


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