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MAN WAS A STRANGER TO ME, THE (T W Connor 1919) recorded by - George Formby Sr George Formby as recorded by George Formby June 11th 1926 (patter) I never could get on with strangers somehow, Strange faces I never could see, Now I met a man in the street t'other day, Well the man was a stranger to me. He said, "What's the time?", so I pulled out me watch, I said "Look for yourself, do go on! I don't think it's going!", he said, "Yes it is!", In a tick after that it was gone! As I opened me eyes, I said, "How the time flies!", And me watch in his hand I could see. I'd a good mind to ask him to give it me back, But the man was a stranger to me! (patter) One night up the west I was swankin' about, When this stylish young lady dashed by. With a heavy portmanteau, she'd been for the coal, I could tell by the piece in her eye! She said, "Will you carry this for me Marie?, Well I've carried parcels before, And she was good lookin', so I took on the job And I carried it home to her door. The door opened wide, She said, "Come inside, Sit you down and I'll make you some tea. Are you fond of pastries?". I would have said yes, But the girl was a stranger to me! (patter) And the man was a stranger to me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2017)


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