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MANY A FINE LADY (Townes Van Zandt) Townes VanZandt - 1968 Well it's many a fine lady who's walked along beside me With their flesh made of velvet and their eyes made of rain Well some tried to hold me, to hurt me, to hide me And some turned away, not to look back again One stood among them I remember most clearly Well her sorrows were heavy and her laughter was slow Well I courted her gently and I loved her most dearly And I came her majestic reflections to know Oh, her words like a mountain stood lonely and lofty With her face like a daydream and her hair like the shawl Worn by a mourner as he steals away softly >From those that would have him mourn nothin' at all Oh, endlessly sorrow rode high on the north wind Slashin' and slicin' to take him his toll And endlessly creatures of darkness were cuttin' Their paths through the walls that shelter the soul Oh, but no longer gypsy like sadness unending Well her eyes they lay hollow and her face petrified Well some will go laughin' and others condemnin' But who there among you could have told her goodbye (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2013)


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