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MANY MOONS AGO From the film "Sitting Pretty" (1933) (Lyrics: Mack Gordon / Music: Harry Revel) Jay Whidden & His Biltmore Orch. (vocal: Loyce Whiteman) - 1933 Reggie Childs & His Hotel Roosevelt Orch. (vocal: Duke Durbin) - 1933 Meyer Davis Orch. (vocal: Tommy Green) - 1933 Tom Coakley & His Palace Hotel Orch. (vocal: Armand Camgros) - 1933 All the rustling of the trees meant nothing All the humming of the breeze meant nothing Many moons ago, it was on a night like this When we sealed our love with one sweet kiss The thrill was so divine Many moons ago, I was shy and so afraid But the Moon came to my aid to help me say "Will you be mine?" Many nights have passed Many dawns have reddened and paled Our love was a light that never failed For you're with me now, living up to every vow And our love is greater yet than when we met So many moons ago (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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