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MARIE FROM SUNNY ITALY (Irving Berlin) - 1907 Oh, Marie, 'neath the window I'm waiting Oh, Marie, please don't be so aggravating Can't you see my heart just yearns for you, dear With fond affection And love that's true, dear Meet me while the Summer moon is beaming For you and me, the little stars are beaming Please come out tonight, my queen Can't you hear my mandolin? REFRAIN: My sweet Marie from sunny Italy Oh how I do love you Say that you'll love me, love me, too Forever more I will be true Just say the word and I will marry you And then you'll surely be My sweet Marie from sunny Italy Oh, Marie, I've been waiting so patiently Oh, Marie, please come out and I shall happy be Raise your window, love, and say you're coming The little birds, dear Are sweetly humming Don't say, "No," my sweet Italian Beauty There's not another maiden e'er could suit me Come out, love, don't be afraid Listen to my serenade


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