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MARIE PROVOST Nick Lowe Marie Provost did not look her best The day the cops bust into her lonely nest in the cheap hotel up on Hollywood west July 29 She'd been lyin' there for two or three weeks The neighbors said they never heard a squeak While hungry eyes that could not speak said even little doggies have got to eat chorus: She was a winner that became a doggie's dinner She never meant that much to me Whoa oh poor Marie Marie Provost was a movie queen mysterious angel of the silent screen And run like the wind the nation's young men steamed When Marie crossed the silent screen Whoa she came out west from New York but when the talkies came Marie just couldn't cope The public said Marie take a walk All the way back to New York -repeat chorus- Those quaalude bombs didn't help her sleep As her nights grew long and her days grew bleak It's all downhill once you've passed your peak Marie got ready for that last big sleep The cops came in and they looked around Throwin' up everywhere over what they found The handiwork of Marie's little dachshund That hungry little dachshund -repeat chorus- poor Marie (Contributed by Jon R. - March 2004)


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