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MARLENA The Four Seasons (a capella w/chimes; chords implied by vocal harmonies) Mar - le - na Marlena (Marlena, ooh) Don't go, oh, no-whoa-whoa (whoa-whoa) 'Cause I love you so, whoa-whoa (whoa-whoa) Never gonna let you go-whoa (whoa whoa whoa (2: whoa)) Marlena (Marlena, ooh) Come on, girl, won't you give in (give in) Can't you see that you can't win (can't win) Never gonna let you go-whoa (whoa whoa whoa whoa) Chorus: (Shay-ay-ame) Flirtin' with the guys on the corner You're such a bad girl Tellin' me you're out with your mother That's a lie but I still love my (repeat verse 1) (Doop-doop-do-be-do) Rrrrroop-de-doobee-do (Doop-doop-do-be-do) Rrrrroop-de-doobee-do (Doop-doop-do-be-do) Rrrrroop-de-doobee-do Mar - le - na (repeat chorus) (repeat verse 2) (repeat bridge to fade (3rd time))


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