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MARY CONTRARY Benjamin as rec by Sarah Vaughan w Ray Ellis & his Orch Jan 7th 1958 Mary Contrary loves Danny O'Day, Danny O'Brien and Danny O'Shea. Ask her which one she loves most and she'll say, "Danny O', Danny O', Danny O'!". Oh what a sly little devil is she! Mary won't vell us which one it will be. One thing is certain, it's one of the three, Danny O', Danny O', Danny O'. Danny O'Brien is shy and sentimental, Danny O'Shea is so kind, Danny O'Day is so charming and gentle, How can she make up her mind? Mary Contrary is sure in a fix, But just like a woman, she's up to her tricks! We can forgive her, 'cause she's only six! Danny O', Danny O', Danny O'. (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2010)


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