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MASOCHISTIC BABY (Shel Silverstein / Mike Settle) Shel Silverstein - 1972 Oh, ever since my masocistic baby went and left me (She done left you again?) Ha-ha-ha-ha I got nothin' (Well, you never had nothin') Nothin' to hit but the wall (Poor wall, oh, that hurts) She loved me when I beat her (Oh, they do love that) But then I started actin' sweeter (Oh, mistake, messed up again) Oh, and that ain't no way to treat her at all She is the one that I'm dreamin' of And you always hurt the one you love And ever since masochistic baby went and left me Nothin' to hit but the wall, what you know Nothin' to belt but my pans (Yes, I suspenders) Nothin' to whip but the scream (You get so messy) Nothin' to beat but the eggs Oh, nothin' to punch but the clock Oh, nothin' to strike but the match (Light my fire) Oh, nothin' (Nothin') to hit but the wall Nothin' to hit but that wall, man Oh, the bruise (Wish you'd a-taken my advice) I wouldn't a-got into it Oooohhh (You don't wanta listen to me) the pain! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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