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MASTER MECHANIC Album : Serious Business Johnny Winter - 1985 Oh, you say your Caddy ain't been driven right Oh, you say you don't want that thing idling all night Oh, let me work on it baby–I'll fix it up for you I'll have your motor, purring like a kitten–girl when I get through Chorus: Don't you panic, don't you know I'm a master mechanic Oh, darling don't you panic baby, cause oh, I'm a master mechanic Oh you say your generator ain't a working too fine You tell me you need your front end aligned Yeah, you don't have to worry–I'll take care of that, ha I'll start your radiator pump steaming, I'll adjust your thermostat Chorus: Darling don't you panic, you know I'm a master mechanic Oh darling don't panic, you know I'm a...I'm a master mechanic (you know what I'm talking about) Guitar Solo You say you ain't had a good tune-up in a long, long while I give you good service with a smile I'll stop all your problems, if you let me under your hood I'll change your oil, I'll fix it up–oh, I'll lubricate it good, ah Chorus: Don't you panic, oh, I'm a master mechanic No don't you panic, 'cause I'm a master mechanic I'm a master mechanic Yes, and if you let me under your hood, baby–I'm gonna show you what I can do Yeah— Yeah, I'm gonna fix your generator Yeah, I'm gonna tune up that engine for you too Put some acid in your battery Put some air in your spare I'm gonna get sassy with your chassis You know what I'm talking about, honey


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