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MATAMOROS From the film "Dakota Lil" (1950) (Music: Dimitri Tiomkin / Lyrics: Maurice Geraghty) Marie Windsor (Film Soundtrack) - 1950 I've had my high times, I've wished I'd died times Till now, my empty life has been reborn Since I have found old Matamoros Town of crumbling old adobes and a port for lost souls Weeping guitars sing to the stars And by your door the Rio Grande flows Matamoros bids you come when you're lonely And shades of darkness torture your heart Memories haunt till dawn Someone will be sharing all your sorrow Help you face tomorrow It might be me, who knows Whisper of your heartbreak and sadness And I promise to bring you gladness Wait and see Matamoros, land of passion and sultry glances Caliente romances, lips to caress when I say yes So you can see the place to be Is here with me in Matamoros Matamoros Matamoros! Ole! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2019)


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