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MATRIMONY (Gilbert O'Sullivan) Gilbert O'Sullivan Iīve no wish to hurry you luv But have you seen the time Itīs quarter to ten and weīre supposed to be there At nine I donīt think the registrar Will be very pleased When we show up an hour late Like two frozen peas Both now facing for the first time Presently and past Something that begins with M And ends in alas More than not complete disaster Even from the start What could it be... Itīs Matrimony I know how youīve dreamt about Being walk down the aisle But think of the money weīll save And youīll see itīs worthwhile It wonīt please our mums and dads But they donīt even know Besides if they did whatīs the betting They wouldnīt even go You and me are all that matters Disregard the rest Trust your soon to be the old man He knows what is best Very shortly now thereīs going to be An answer from you Then one from me Thatīs matrimony Iīm truly grateful for the little things in life That have made me so glad Every other hour that I spend with you Is not in the least bit sad Quite the opposite in fact And if you donīt believe me Hereīs the proof Ask me if I and Iīll say "Aye, I do" - Marriage - the joining together of the two people For better or for worse till death them do part Olé!


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