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MAX GOOLIS (Sung to the tune of "John Henry") The Limeliters - 1963 SPOKEN: Well, John Henry might have been a steel drivin' man, but Max Goolis was a street sweepin'man..... SUNG: Lord, Lord, Max Goolis was a street sweepin'man Max Goolis was a street sweepin' man, Lord, Lord Max Goolis was a street sweepin' man When Max Goolis was a little bitty babe The first words he did utter were "Listen, Mum & Dad, I plan to spend My whole life in the gutter, Lord, Lord My whole life in the gutter SPOKEN: Well one day the boss came out on the job and he brought an automatic garbage truck around. He said, "Alright, Max, turn in your white ducks, fellah, you're through." Imagine it. Goolis, foremost name in refuse, cast up on the heap, destitute. He said, "Just a minute, sir, I deserve another chance. I propose a race, me against the automatic garbage truck. What do you say?" Well, the entrepreneur was of the imaginative sort, always looking for some kind of incentive proposal, short of profit-sharing and he said, "Alright, Maxie, in view of your years of devoted service, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. You take one side of the street and the automatic garbage truck will take the other. To the victor, belong the spoils!" SUNG: They started down the avenue The scene it really looked bad The automatic truck was sweeping up a storm And Max was shovelling like mad, Lord, Lord And Max was shovelling like mad Max poured on speed and then he said "I've only saved a couple o' dimes I'm behind by thirteen orange peels And a copy of the New York Times, Lord, Lord A copy of the New York Times" SPOKEN: West Coast edition. Well eyewitnesses tell us that Max wasn't behind at all. As a matter of fact, he was pulling ahead, slowly but surely, in an epic of human labour when someone said suddenly, "Hey, look, there's a parade a-comin'!" Sure enough it was the United States mounted cavalry. I'm certain that no one expects us to include the next verse, certainly not our Aunt David. Suffice it to say that the wind blew, and quite a few objects were airborne. Well, some say it broke poor Max's heart and he died. And others say, "Not a bit of it, his spirit lives on in keeping things neat and clean right here in San Francisco, because Max Goolis was a sreet sweepin' man....." SUNG: Lord, Lord Max Goolis was a street sweepin'man He broke his poor heart and then he died But Max is really not gone On every single street where garbage lies His soul goes shovelling on, Lord, Lord His soul goes shovelling on, and on, and on His soul goes shovelling on (Contributed by Mel - December 2007)


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