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MAY I SLEEP IN YOUR BARN TONIGHT MISTER (Aka CAN I SLEEP IN YOUR BARN TONIGHT MISTER) (Sometimes known as THE HONEST HOBO) (Author Unknown - Usually sung to the tune of "Red River Valley") Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - 1925 George Reneau - 1925 Ernest V. Stoneman - 1926 Vernon Dalhart (as Jeff Calhoun) - 1927 Boone County Entertainers - 1928 Red Fox Chasers - 1928 Joe Reeves - 1929 Harry "Mac" McClintock - 1930 Gene Autry - 1931 Walter Smith & Lewis McDaniel - 1931 Hank Thompson - 1959 The Sun Valley Trail Singers - 1960 Slim Dusty - 1961 Also recorded by: Mac Wiseman One night it was dark and so stormy When along came a tramp in the rain He was making his way to some station To catch a long distance train May I sleep in your barn tonight, mister It's too cold to lie out on the ground With the cold rain falling upon me And the north wind whistling around You may see that I use no tobacco And I carry neither matches nor pipe I am sure that I will do you no harm, sir Let me sleep in your barn just tonight. You ask me how long I've been tramping Or leading this kind of a life If you'll listen I'll tell you my story Though it cuts through my heart like a knife It was three years ago last summer I shall never forget that sad day When a stranger had come from the city So tall, so handsome and gay He was tall, fine dressed, and looked sporty He looked like a man who had wealth And he said he had come to the country To stay just awhile for his health My wife said she would like to be earning With some money to add to our home She coaxed me until I consented That the stranger would stop in and board And one night when I came home from my work, sir I was whistling and singing with joy Expecting a warm-hearted welcome To receive from my wife and my boy Nothing did I find but a letter That someone had placed on the stand And the moment my eyes fell upon it I picked it up in my hand And the words that were wrote there upon it Seemed to burn through my brain and drive me wild For they told me the stranger and Nellie Had run off and taken my child Then I stopped at a farmhouse last summer There they told me my baby had died It was there for the first time in my life, sir I knelt to my knees and I cried Then they took me down to the churchyard There they showed me a newly made mound And they told me that Nellie, my darling Lay asleep in that cold, solid ground Now I'm sure there is a God up in Heaven Or, at least, I've been taught to believe I am sure He will keep on the record The doom that he ought to receive (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2013)


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