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ME AND MY CHAUFFEUR BLUES (Ernest Lawler) as recorded by Memphis Minnie May 21st 1941 Chicago WANT to see my chauffeur, Want to see my chauffeur, I wants him to drive me, I wants him to drive me downtown. Yes he drives so easy, I can't turn him down! But I don't want him, But I don't want him To be ridin' these girls, To be ridin' these girls around, So I'm gonna steal me a pistol, Shoot my chauffeur down! Well I must buy him, Well I must buy him A brand new V8, A brand new V8 Ford. Then he won't need no passengers, I will be his load! Yeah, take it away! Wanna let my chauffeur, Want to let my chauffeur Drive me around the, Drive me around the world, Then he can be my little boy, Yes, I'll be his girl! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2017)


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