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ME AND THE BOYS Matt Minglewood Remember back when we were young And all the crazy things that we've done Me and the boys out skipping school Back on the hill acting a fool Yes, it's so easy to remember when Everything was so simple then We never worry about the money that we spend When you ain't got no money You don't care where it went In the summer days when there were no courses Up at the creek just riding the horses Acting out westerns that we had seen Down at the theater on the movie screen One year later felt 5 years older With the girls we were getting bolder Nighttime down at the railroad yard Awkward moves, God it was hard But it sure was fun CHORUS Feel the wind running through our hair as we ride Running so fast that not even time can hold us Young and free we had nothing to hide Doing all those things that nobody just could not hold us Me and the boys Me and the boys Me and the boys Cruising in a 57 Dodge The boys all checking out the noisy rod Backyard mechanics each and every one It was greasy work but God it was fun We got her rolling down the 104 She's working better than she did before Half a tank and we're on our way Heading for a week-end holiday REPEAT CHORUS Me and the boys, nobody told us Me and the boys, nobody told us When we were young When we were young Me and the boys Me and the boys


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