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MEDITATION [Meditacao] Antonio Carlos Jobim (m) Newton Ferreira de Mendonca (orig l) Norman Gimbel (Eng l) 1963 Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim w Orch cond by Claus Ogerman rec Jan 31st 1967 Hollywood also- Antonio Carlos Jobim w Orch cond by Claus Ogerman '63 Pat Boone '63 Perry Como '66 Lena Horne In my loneliness, When you're gone and I'm all by myself and I need your caress, I just think of you, And the thought of you holding me near Makes my loneliness soon disappear. Though you're far away, I only have to close my eyes and you are back to stay. I just close my eyes, And the sadness that missing you brings Soon is gone, and this heart of mine sings. Yes, I love you so, And that for me is all I need to know. I will wait for you, Till the sun falls from out the sky, for what else can I do? I will wait for you, Meditating how sweet life will be When you come back to me. (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2008)


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