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MEET ME WHERE THEY PLAY THE BLUES (Steve Allen / Sandy Gallop) Andy Williams Also recorded by: Bill Allred, Tom Baker, Mary Coughlan, Giacomo Gates, Hilary James, Bob McChesney, Maria Muldaur, Charlie Shavers, Swing Set, Jack Teagarden. I got a heart that’s broken hearted, how do I mend it? I got a cryin’ jack you started, how do I end it? But if you’re feelin’ gloomy Come a-runnin’ to me Meet me where they play the blues Hey, people have said they’ve seen you dance in hideaway places, Say, people have said you find romance in others’ embraces, But if your mood is dreamy, And you care to see me, Meet me where they play the blues. Either flirt with a tear, are common round here, And misery loves company, they say So I hang around till dawn While that saxophone wails on Hopin’ you’ll happen this way I’m getting’ tired of sippin’ wine, and watchin’ bubbles Why did I dream, get outa line, and wind up in trouble Mmm, but Honey, if you’re learnin’ There’s a flame still burnin’ Meet me where they play the blues Blee beep, blee beep, blee bee, bee, bee, bee, bee, bee, Meet me where they play………. The blues. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - June 2007)


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