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MEET THE FAMILY From the Show: The Crooked Mile, 1959 (Greenwell / Wildeblood) Millicent Martin & Elisabeth Welch If a man gets the idea that you’re flippety-jibbedy And starts gettin’ ready to take a diabolical liberty If he gives you a line you’re not keen on swallowing Give him an old-fashioned look And repeat the following (Chorus)Ta, ever so, ever so ta That was a lovely compliment But please remember, I’m a lady And you’re supposed to be a gent No, we cannot make it a date I’m too young to stop out late But please, tomorrow come to tea And meet the family Dear ol’ dad’s an all-in wrestler Weighing-in at nineteen stones Brother Bill’s a bonnie builder And his hobby’s breaking bones Sister Mona tears a phone book Into little tiny shreds Come along and meet ‘em Come along and greet ‘em They’re a family of thoroughbreds (Chorus) There’s a bloodhound in the kitchen Hasn’t had a bite all day Uncle Arthur’s back in Dartmoor Auntie’s with the I.R.A Grandma’s digging in the cellar No-one knows where grandpa is They’re a lot of smasher Bruisers, boozers, bashers They’re a family of savages (Chorus) Come along and meet ‘em Come along and greet ‘em Meet the family


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