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MELANCHOLY RHAPSODY Lyrics: Sammy Cahn - Music: Ray Heindorf Johnny Johnson, Doris Day, the Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra The song of a heart that sorrows, The wail of the wind winds from off the sea, All of your hopes on your tomorrows - They're in my Melancholy Rhapsody. The red in the sky at twilight, The trace of a dream that used to be, The bottomless low after the high life - They're in my Melancholy Rhapsody. The laughter that saddens, the misery that gladdens, The couples on the benches in the park - The pattern of grieving your mind insists on weaving, When shadows start to walk after dark ... If only you'd guess my yearning, You'd know what it means not to be free. I'll never be free till your returning Will end my Melancholy Rhapsody. My Melancholy Rhapsody. (Transcribed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - November 2015)


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