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MELINDA (Jerry Crutchfield / Jimmy Gateley) Bill Anderson - 1970 (Melinda, Melinda) Oh, how I miss Melinda While walking down a street in Denver I passed by a little dress shop A sign on the door read Melinda's And I asked myself if I should stop For I knew a girl named Melinda When I lived here years ago And I wondered if by chance it could be The Melinda I used to know So I peeked in through the window And there to my surprise I saw my darlin’ Melinda And a tear came to my eyes For she looked lovely as always As I watched her standing there Her face was like an angel's With a halo of golden hair (Melinda, Melinda) With the golden hair Oh, how I miss Melinda (Melinda) Then I slowly remembered How she suffered the shame Of being left with a baby And me never changing her name So, I ran in and called out Melinda So ashamed, I hung down my head But the young girl said, “Sir, I'm sorry, But you see my Mother is dead” (Melinda, Melinda) With the golden hair Oh, how I miss Melinda Oh, how I miss Melinda (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2010)


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