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MELINDA THE MOUSE Kim Gannon, Josef Myrow & Gene Irwin Ella Fitzgerald (1941) Melinda was a mousey Livin' in a little housey And her life was one of wonder and ease On the sunny side of twenty With a papa who had plenty Her life was just a bowl of cheese One day a kitty said, My but you're purty - I love you Mousey near died, but replied, Why, I know nothing of you You're just a kitty cat. But kitty said don't worry Be a sport, come on and hurry I've got a lovely surprise But as kitty cat got nearer Melinda saw much clearer It wasn't love in kitty's eyes Just then a hound With his nose to the ground Happened to wonder around T'would have done you good to see Kitty scramble up a tree And our friend Melinda Mouse got free Now, kitty's mad 'Cause mousey is free Melinda is glad Ha Hah, Hee Hee The kitty's up a tree (Transcribed by Samb Hicks - January 2015)


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