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MEMORIES IN GOLD (Ken Barnes / Pete Moore) Frankie Laine - 1977 Those melodies that reach across the years Have underscored our laughter and our tears With every phrase we see the past unfold Like memories in gold Some tunes remind us of our childhood days The Sunday afternoons and songs of praise Reflecting happy times and joys untold These memories in gold From those early nurs'ry rhymes to our adolescent times We'd find more favourites as we went along How could we go wrong with a special song That would always see us through Our lives without them might be cold and bleak A favourite song says more than words can speak They helped me win your love to have and hold Sweet Memories in gold (When the band played rock and roll) (And the people called it soul) (Our favourite songs were like a tapestry) Etched in melody, they will always be Part of you and part of me There's little more to add when songs are sung The words and music help keep us young And so we're not afraid of growing old With memories, let's hear them please Sweet memories in gold (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2006)


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