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MEN (Music: Ted Dicks / Lyrics: Myles Rudge) Joan Sims - 1963 We've got this special date And he's a half an hour late But that's men He sorta lets it fall I should be glad he's there at all But that's men Concerning where we'll go He lets me know The casting vote is his If there's some film that I think nice He's been and seen it twice ..... already He sits and looks at me The film begins and so does he But that's men No asking if he may Just lights a fag and he's away But that's men And when we say goodnight There's not a soul in sight So, back he comes and starts again He says he'll give a buzz But it's a week before he does But that's, oh, they're all the same But I suppose it's all part of life's rich pageant I wish he'd remember to say how much he's missed me I wish he'd remember to shave before he kissed me Sometimes he'll be so close to me And sweet as he knows how Then when I think the moments come He goes and phones his Mum, oh, it's charming At first I thought he had honorable intentions But they're the sort that a person never mentions I wouldn't mind if he was more refined Romantically inclined, then If all those things were his, he wouldn't be the way he is 'Cause that's men! Especially Ken! And John and Paul and George, and Ringo and Vince and Joe and Cliff and Al, and that one who never took his hat off, and what was that one in the corner, do you remember, luv, what was his name? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2014)


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