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MERCY MERCY MERCY (J. Zawinul) The Buckinghams My baby she may not a-look Like one of those bunnies out of a Playboy Club But she got somethin much greater than gold Crazy bout that girl cause she got so much soul I said she got the kind of lovin, kissin and a-huggin Sure is mellow, glad that Im her fellow and I know That she knocks me off my feet Have mercy on me Cause she knocks me off my feet There is no girl in the whole world That can love me like you do My baby when she walks by All the fellows go mmmm, and I know why Its simply cause that girl she looks so fine And if she ever leaves me I would lose my mind [repeat chorus] Everybody in the neighborhood Will testify that my girl she looks so good Shes so fine shed give eyesight to the blind And if she ever leaves me I would lose my mind [repeat chorus] Baby, yeah, you got that soulful feel, yeah, its all right Mercy, mercy, mercy


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