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MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG From the Merrie Melodies Cartoon "Billboard Frolics" (1935) (Charlie Tobias / Murray Mencher / Eddie Cantor) Eddie Cantor (Radio Transcript) - 1935 Cliff Nazarro & Billy Bletcher (Cartoon Soundtrack) - 1935 Too many frowns can change the brightest disposition As sure as clouds are dark in the storm Get ev'ry joy in life has been our one ambition And that's how we intend to go on Merrily we roll along, my honey and me Verily there's no one half as happy as we Though we're twice as poor as mice, say, what do we care For we've been so wealthy in the love that we share Merrily we dance along while facing the sun Merrily our slogan is "Say, don't we have fun' We live in style with a smile and a song As we merrily roll along Merrily we roll along, my honey and me Why we get along is very easy to see She and I won't buy unless we pay for it cash And we still enjoy the thrill of corned beef and hash Though we often quarrel for it's human, I'm sure Still we find there's nothing that a kiss cannot cure We're for each other, how can we go wrong As we merrily roll along (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2019)


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