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MIDNIGHT BLUE >From the Broadway Revue "Ziegfeld Follies Of 1936" (Music: Joe Burke / Lyrics: Edgar Leslie) James Farrell (Broadway Production) - 1936 Russ Morgan & His Orch. - 1936 Henry Allen & His Orch. - 1936 Buddy Clark - 1936 Roy Smeck & His Serenaders (vocal: Donald King) - 1936 Jack Hylton & His Orch. (vocal: Jewel Faye) - 1936 When I see the glamour of the night My heart is prepared for action I am so enamoured of the sight When you are the main attraction Midnight blue That was the colour scheme When I met you And soon this heart of mine Was beating like thunder Under the midnight blue Midnight blue Had painted shadows On our rendezvous I couldn't speak As I beheld you in wonder Under the midnight blue Roses gave you lips of red And like a crown upon yout head Stars were strung Faraway the music played I heard a sweetheart's serenade Being sung, love was young Midnight blue And then I found myself Caressing you I found my heaven In the spell I was under Under the midnight blue (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2015)


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