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MIDNIGHT RIDE Paul Revere & The Raiders Well, listen, my children, &-a you're gonna hear About the midnight ride of-a Paul Revere He had a hopped-up on his shoulder & mighty hot Stand on his tail & off like a shot He was a goin'-tide cat, this ol' Revere (rockin' Paul Revere) You know he said to "stand on the shoulder & watch for the lights I'm gonna blink 'em once, oh or blink 'em twice Once if I hear & twice if I see Then off of my trail they ain't gonna catch me" He was a cautious mudder, this ol' Revere (rockin' Paul Revere) CHORUS: He was a-rockin' & a-ridin' (rockin' & a-ridin') He was a-peelin' & a-hidin' (peelin' & a-hidin') He was a-tearin' up the lane like a man insane Rockin' Paul Revere (instrumental) (Rockin' Paul Revere) Well, studs drove the message & they pulled down the zips They headed for the bridge to cut off the ships When they got there they shuffled it tight They polished their pieces & got set to fight They got the word, man, from ol' Revere (rockin' Paul Revere) (chorus) Studs saved their bridge & they saved their pads They were one big bunch of-a happy dads They licked the mean casses, had nothin' but fear But they coded homage to Paul Revere He was a real good head, this ol' Revere (rockin' Paul Revere) Ah, tell 'em that, Revere! Oh, ride that on, travel, yeah! Look at him a-smokin' down that road! First they got to see him push them red cats right into the sea! Oh, travel on! (Rockin' Paul Revere) ...& fade


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