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MIGHTY LIKE THE BLUES (Leonard Feather) The Sextet of the Rhythm Club of London (vocal : Hazel Scott) Also recorded by : Dan Barrett; Benny Carter; Duke Ellington; Lorraine Feather; Coleman Hawkins; Keith Ingham Manhattan Swingtet; Joe Marsala; George Shearing; Cootie Williams. Oh here's the strange sensation that's called the weep I feel as low as the weepin' willow tree And I believe I know what the trouble must be Got a funny feelin' from my head down to my shoes Don't know what to call it but it's mighty like the blues Want somebody's friendship and it just don't matter whose Anyone can cheer you when you're lonesome with the blues I was full of the joy of spring Now I've lost my faith in everything Can't believe he's gone But still I'm gonna spread the news I'm through with love forever `Cause it's mighty like the blues Mighty like the blues. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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