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MIGHTY LOVE (C. Simmons / J.B. Jefferson / B. Hawes) The Spinners - 1973 Once there was a boy and girl Boys said, “I love you so” Girl said, “I’ll never leave you” They grew older and left each other ‘Cause that’s the way love goes That’s the way love goes Then there’s a time Seems like you’ll never find Someone willing to love you Keep on lookin’, you’ll soon discover A mighty love Will sometimes makes you weep and moan A mighty love You sit all day by the telephone ‘Cause you’re all alone You need a mighty love, eh, hey Some say that you’re sure to find True love and peace of mind At the end of a rainbow There’s no sign in the sky to follow ‘Cause that’s the way love goes Baby, that’s the way love goes And so there’s a rhyme That says life will soon be fine Love is just what you make it So keep on lovin, you’ll soon discover A mighty love Will sometimes make a-a weak man strong A mighty love Will sometime4s make a-a rich man weak and knock him off his feet You’ll have a mighty love Mighty-mighty-mighty-mighty-mighty-mighty love Jones Comin’ down on me, baby, yeah Hey, hey (Mighty love) I can feel the world gettin’ brighter, brighter with your lovin’ (Mighty love) You see, baby With a mighty love you can sometimes turn the world around (Mighty love) From all your love, you can, you can turn the world around Sometimes, yes, you can, oh (Mighty love) Oh, baby Makes music have a happy, ha-ha-happy sigh (Mighty love) Makes you move, makes you groove You get the feelin’ that is reelin’, come on (Mighty love) Oh...high-high-high I’m gon’, gon’, gon’, gon’, gon’ get your lovin’ (Mighty love) Oh, baby, oh, ho, ho, got your love (Mighty love) Got your love, got your lovin’, oh I got your love here with you (Mighty love) You got the love, hey, baby (Mighty love) I-I knew when I first met you That you had a mighty love, baby (Mighty love) I’m gonna wait on you, gonna wait on you Gonna wait on you, baby, just give me (Mighty love) Give-give-give-give-give-give-give me your love (Mighty love) Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty (Mighty love) Hey, can I say it, can-can I say it La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la baby (Mighty love) Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, baby (Mighty love) Time, Just a little more time, baby, woo (Mighty love) Woo...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo... (Mighty love) Hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo... (Mighty love) Hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo... Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel me, baby, yeah (Mighty love) So when I’m down and out I know you’re (Mighty love) You got, you got it, baby, oh, Lord (Mighty love) Sho’ ‘nuff can make a love Jones come on down me (Mighty love)


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