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MILLY'S CAFE (Fred Eaglesmith) Fred Eaglesmith They put up the sign for the very last time at Milly's Cafe They loaded their stuff into the car and they drove away Milly looked back one last time and when she turned around she was crying Billy just listened to the songs the radio played They drove all the way from Fort Worth to Amarillo When Milly woke up she had makeup all over her pillow Billie had stopped at easy pawn and bought them up a couple of guns Tomorrow he said was gonna be a brand new day Mille and Billy tore up the entire West They started holdin' up liquor stores and then they turned to banks And it wasn't very long before their picture was on the post office wall And it seemed like the whole world was lookin' for them CHORUS: And the roads just get rougher Out in West Texas The cowboys are tougher And the young girls are restless And the winds take the towns And their ain't any signs But theirs always a hill to climb On the West Texas skyline Milly was raised to Christians in Abilene Her father was a preacher in the biggest church you ever did see When word came down about Milly and Billy He made a call up to New York City Sent for some boys to come down and set things straight He met Milly in El Paso Underneath a tree in the parking lot of a motel And the next day when Billie went in the bank She started the car and she drove away When Billy came out, he never had a chance CHORUS The put up the sign one more time at Milly's cafe They loaded the stuff out of the car and into the doorway Milly looked back one last time When she turned around she was cryin' Her daddy just got in the car and drove away CHORUS (Contributed by =Ae= - July 2012)


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