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MINNIE FROM TRINIDAD Roger Edens 1941 as rec by Helen O'Connell w Jimmy Dorsey & his Orch March 19th 1941 New York also rec by- Judy Garland '41 Xavier Cugat & his Waldorf Astoria Orch Adelaide Hall Anne Shelton w Ambrose & his Orch Down on an island in the Southern Seas, There lives a lassie named Minnie Breeze; And all the natives agree that she's The hottest thing in Trinidad! When Minnie dances, I guarantee With every move of her vertebrae The temperature jump up ten degree! In Trinidad that isn't bad! Aye aye aye, they call her Minnie from Trinidad, Aye aye aye, they all love Minnie from Trinidad, Aye aye aye, and all the natives would be so sad If Minnie ever left Trinidad! Although the natives love Minnie so, Minnie had herself a steady beau; A fellow known as Calypso Joe, And Minnie swore they'd never part! But fate stepped in only as fate could, Min won a contest for dancing good, So she went away to Hollywood; When Joe heard that it broke his heart! In Hollywood Minnie traveled far, They changed her name to Minnie La Mar, And pretty soon she became a star, The siren of the picture show! But one day Minnie got awful mad, a guy got fresh and she said, "You cad! My heart belongs to my Trinidad, My Trinidad Calypso Joe". Aye aye aye, they call her Minnie from Trinidad, Aye aye aye, in Hollywood Minnie met a cad; Aye aye aye, but there is only one native lad Gets chinny with Minnie from Trinidad! So Minnie gave up her dough and fame, And she went back to from where she came; And when she got there she heard with shame That her Calypso Jo was dead! When she heard that, she almost died, She got a gun to try suicide! But as she started to shoot, she cried, "I think I'd rather live instead!". But now the natives are mighty glad, 'Cause Minnie came back to Trinidad! Aye aye aye aye, Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye, Aye aye! Aye aye! (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2009)


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