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MINNIE THE MOOCHER (Calloway / Mills / Gaskill) Danny Kaye Also recorded by: Ambrose & his Orch.; John Barry; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; Big Time Operator; Bombay Jim & the Swinging Sapphires; Gary "U.S." Bonds; Cab Calloway & his Orch.; Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen; Conjure; Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orch.; Bobby Darin; Les Elgart; Duke Ellington; Glass Eye; Adelaide Hall; Pat Hawes; Donnie Iris; Franz Jackson; Spike Jones; Kaleidoscope; Andy Kirk; Mills Blue Rhythm Band; Moxy Fruvous; Oingo Boingo; Pasadena Roof Orch.; Red Hot Swing Cats; Reggae Philharmonic Orch.; Dick Robertson; Tupac Shakur; Valaida Snow; The Untouchables; Valaida. Folks, now here´s a story about Minnie the Moocher She was a red hot hoochie-koocher She was the roughest, toughest faril but Minnie had a heart as big as a wha-a-le Hodey-ho-dee-ho () Hidey-hi-dee-hi() Heedey-hee-dee-hee () Hodey-ho-dee-ho () Now she messed around with a bloke named Smoky She loved him though he was cokey He took her down to Chinatown He showed her how to kick the gong around () Hodey- ho () Hidey-hi () Whaddy-whee-ho () Hodey-ho-dee-ho () Now she had a dream about the King of Sweden He gave her things that she was needin´ He gave her a home that was built of gold and steel A diamond car with platinum wheels Whaddy-whoody-way () Oh baby () Wanna-be-beyou () Hodey-ho () Now he gave her his townhouse and his racing horses Each meal she ate was a dozen courses She had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes And she sat around and counted ´em all a million times Hodey-hodey () Whoa-Minnie () Wholey-whay () Oh no () Poor Min, Poor Min, Poor Min.


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