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MIRAGE (Ritchie Cordell) Tommy James & The Shondells I see you standin' in the alleys and the hallways, you're gone now. I run to touch you but you vanished through the doorways. And oh how hard it is to live without you! I loved everything about you. Now I know you're really gone, But my imagination is so strong that Chorus I see you coming into view And your face is telling me that you Oh, yeah, oh, wanna be by my side. Oh, yeah, oh, now it's finally time. Mirage, that's all you are to me; Mirage, something I only see. So I keep walkin' through the alleys and the hallways. Where are you? I keep remembering the kissin' in the doorways, the car, too. How it all comes back to me: The movies every Saturday, the place we used to go to eat. I want so much to have it like it used to be. Then repeat chorus Just a mirage, that's all you are to me, yes. Just a mirage, something that I only see. (repeat until fade out)


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