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MISS AMERICA Mark Lindsay As a young girl she ran wild - freely gave herself to me who understood. She lay naked in the sun giving birth to what was clear and strong and good. Oh Lord to hear her laugh was to know a joy that drove us all insane. And she'd lead you down a path through her river valleys etched in summer rain. CHORUS: Do you Miss America, Miss America, Miss America, I know I do She was offered jewels and fame and she wore the furs of souls who once she loved. She was driven to the site of a marble grave where lay a dyin' dove Rage exploded 'cross her face and make up melted on the cemetary lawn And she cried for an embrace and she wrapped her fingers 'round the deep rose dawn. REPEAT CHORUS I've seen her in the forest and she's singin' peaceful songs for you and me. And I've heard her in the hills and I'm glad to say she's still alive and free Oh Lord her lovin' eyes cating ripples 'neath the sun without a sound And she mirrors clear in sky as her children dance along the rain washed ground REPEAT CHORUS THREE TIMES (Contributed by Doug Ready)


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