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MISS BROWN TO YOU Ralph Rainger (m) Richard A Whiting (l) Leo Robin (l) Billie Holiday w Teddy Wilson & his Orch rec July 2nd 1935 New York also- Billie Holiday w Red Norvo & his Orch '48 Carmen MacRae Beryl Bryden Peter Cincotti Hadda Brooks '96 Who do you think is comin' to town? You'll never guess who! Lovable huggable Emily Brown, Miss Brown to you! What if the rain comes patterin' down, My heaven is blue! Tennessee's sending me Emily Brown, Miss Brown to you! I know her eyes will kill yer, But go slow, Oh-oh, Don't you all get too familiar! Why do you think she's comin' to town? Just wait and you'll see! The lovable little Miss Brown to you Is Baby to me! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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