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MISS WHAT'S-HER-NAME From the film "You Made Me Love You" (1933) (Noel Gay / Stanley Lupino / Clifford Grey) Stanley Lupino (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 Jack Payne & His Band - 1933 Hello everyone, help me I pray Find the lady I fell for today She's lovely blue eyes, she's fair and she's tall She's this and she's that, well, she's got it all Oh, I'm crazy to find her If you're ever behind her, ask her What's her name, what's her name Find that lady, Miss What's-her-name You've here description, you've my address Oh, won't you help me with my S-O-S What's her name, what's her name If you met her, you'd ask the same So everybody can join the game Of find the lady, Miss What's-her-name Hello everyone, listen again Who's the lady who drives me insane I hope that she's not another man's wife Till she's in my arms, there's nothing in life Soon as ever you find her Sing this little reminder, ask her (Instrumental Break) SPOKEN: Oh, she's wonderful, she's marvellous She's a peach, I must have her, I must I'll give up smoking, drinking, cards, the club I'll learn knitting, I'll make the fires Clean the steps, make the beds Empty-headed fool that I am I'll buy the ring, I'll buy the house I'll pay my income tax Oh, let me marry that girl And I'll stand on the top of St. Paul's and sing What's her name, what's her name Here's that lady, Miss What's her-name You'll always find her at my address 'Cause since I met her, she's answered "Yes" I'm to blame, I'm to blame I'm the reason she changed her name From Miss to Missus, but just the same I'm glad to tell you just whats her name (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2018)


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