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MISTER BROWN OF LONDON TOWN (Reginald Arkell, Noel Gay) As recorded by: Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans V. Leslie Douglas Recorded 28th August 1941 Mister Brown of London Town was happy as could be Everything was apple pie so far as he could see He’d got his wife, he’d got his kids and things were right as rain Until the God forsaken Hun got busy once again Then Mister Brown of London Town had a job to do Meant to see it through, and he did it, too Mister Brown of London Town sent the wife away Sent the kids to play miles and miles away Things blew up and things blew down, seemed a blinking shame Blooming fire and flame, blimey, what a game But who stood up and saved the town When London Bridge was falling down Mister Brown of London Town Oh yeah,, Mister Brown (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - January 2014)


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