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MOLASSES MOLASSES (IT'S ICKY STICKY GOO) Larry Carlton The Four Hits And A Miss with Ella Fitzgerald (1950) Spike Jones And His City Slickers (1950) Molasses, molasses It's icky sticky goo Molasses, molasses It always sticks to you There was a man named Pete (Mister Pete) He dearly loved to eat (he loved to eat) He chewed and chewed on so much food He can't stand on his feet There was a man named Jack (Mister Jack) Who stepped upon a crack ('pon a crack) He was so thin he fell right in And never did come back I knew man named Kent (Mister Kent) Whose nose was very bent (very bent) He followed it too far one day No one knows where Kent went There was a man named Fred Who loved to stay in bed When by and by they wondered why They found out he was dead Ooh, that icky sticky goo (Transcribed by Samb Hicks - January 2015)


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