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MOMMY, GIMME A DRINKA WATER (Milton Schafer) Danny Kaye - 1958 Mommy, Mommy Gimme a drinka water I’m thirsty I wanna drinka water NO, NOW, NOT LATER, NOW! Mommy, what are you doing? I wanna tell you something First come and then I’ll tell you It’s a secret It’s about Willy and the teacher And he called her a stupid dope, ha-ha-ha Mommy, do you hear me? Gimme a drinka water Mommy, turn the light on I can’t see The chair’s moving There’s a funny animal on the wall You comin', Ma? There’s an airplane in the room And it’s flying all around It’s flying in my head! Mommy, Mommy, Gimme a drinka water Seymour’s mother always gives him water He told me And sometimes his mother lets him get it himself And that crazy Barbara in school today She scratched me It hurts, too D'you want to see it, Ma? I need to bandage it up Mommy, oh, Mommy, tell me a story The one about the king who lived in the woods And he killed the wicked dragon with his magic sword That’s the one I like, tell me that one Tell me, Mommy, tell me I’m gonna tell Daddy you’re not a good Mommy You never listen to me You bad, naughty Mommy! Mommy, gimme a drinka water Gimme a cookie too Turn the light on Tell me a story The one about the, you know, Mommy Tell me Tell me a drinka water (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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