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MOON AND THE WILLOW TREE, THE fr "The Road To Singapore" 1940 film sb Dorothy Lamour Victor Schertzinger (m) Joe Burke (l) 1939 as rec by Dorothy Lamour also rec by- Bing Crosby w John Scott Trotter & his Orch '39 Kitty Kallen w Jack Teagarden & his Orch '40 When Shadows fall and the sky is dark and deep, I've a rendezvous that I must keep, Or my poor heart would not sleep! I have two friends, the strangest company, The gay light-hearted moon and the willow tree, The sad willow tree. And when we meet, I notice suddenly The moon begins to smile, but the willow tree Starts weeping for me! Somehow I know it's about my love; The willow must doubt my love will ever appear! And yet the moon seems to say my love will soon be here! Which one is right? They never quite agree, The smiling moon and the weeping willow tree. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2011)


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