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MOONLIGHT MISSISSIPPI (A Whistle Stop Town) (Willard Robison) as recorded by Rosemary Clooney with The Buddy Cole Trio 1959 Moonlight Mississippi ia a whistle stop town, They take in the sidewalks when the sun goes down! It's slow as molasses that drips from a can, But Moonlight Mississippi is the promised land! With their deep soft talkin' that's so pleasant to hear, Like corn on the cob it's mighty sweet on the ear. There's just seven houses and one yella hound, For Moonlight Mississippi is a whistle stop town! Down 'round the levee where magnolias bloom, I never seen such a place in my life! The air gets so heavy with the sweet perfume, You can cut it up with a knife! At night on each plantation, cotton gleams so darn white, Stars go on vacation, folks don't need a light! The trains don't stop at Moonlight unless they're flagged down, For Moonlight Mississippi is a whistle stop town! Moonlight Mississippi is a whistle stop town! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2015)


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