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MORE THAN ME (Don Bowman / Tommy South) Don Bowman - 1965 (When you left last night, you left more than me) I got up this mornin' and as I's leavin' my room I stepped on twelve hair rollers and tripped over the broom I tried to shave and sorta look my best But you turned the mirror all yeller with that bloody hairspray test Boy, you must have been in hurry when you left last night 'Cause the house is just full o' junk you left behind There's make-up creams and danderuff shampoos And a couple of false eyelashes and a couple of other things, too (When you left last night, you left more than me) I figured I'd clean up the place, you know, 'fore I left for the day Figured I'd burn all your stuff since you'd gone away I don't know whether you know it or not But them dang hairspray cans blow up when they get hot Boy, it's wierd, them cans blew make-up all over the walls And there's big red streaks of nail polish clear out there in the hall 'Member that glass door on the oven that you could see through Well the frigerator door matches now 'cause you can see through it too (When you left last night, you left more than me) That there doctor that operated says what I need most is rest He removed a couple of tubes of raspberry lipstick from my chest He told me just stand around for the next couple of days See this, this can of spot remover caught me goin' the other way They released me from the hospital and now I'm back home But it's a pretty lonely place, you know, you bein' gone But I'll never forget you 'cause when them cans went off They blew mem'ries of you just all over the walls (When you left last night, you left more than me) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2011)


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