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MORNING GIRLS Maddy Prior Soft focus on the lady who gets up late In languid and sleepy state Lashings of eau de toilette Perfumes of faint violet Slinky silky Crˆpe de Chine Nothing ever petty or mean Tracing fingers on her pillow Where the lawn runs down to the willow And the river flows gently on Singing a skylark summer song Working girls are early to rise Cold tile floor and sleep in their eyes The working day begins When the alarm bell rings Fumble for something clean to wear Scraping a brush through unwashed hair Pull on a dress An old pair of tights Patch up make up From last night A fast breakfast of cornflakes and toast Catch the news Running for the bus in the rain Waiting for the eight o'clock train Chorus: Morning Girls Morning Girls Morning Girls Morning Girls Morning sickness throwing up How much must you give up Will it ruin your career Must you finish school this year Is it wanted Were you caught Time for joy Or time to abort Take the strain of getting fat Take the pain are you ready for that Woken by a baby needing a drink Scheming by the cooker and kitchen sink Visions of the supermarket Brought home in an empty basket Fantasies of a hoover day drone Leisurely cleaning a spotless home Dreams of fame and fortune While tidying up the front room (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - August 2003)


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