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MOTHER (AS MINE WAS HERE) Lyrics: Rev. John B. Kelly - Music: Cosmo P. Teri Had I Thy hand, O God, and all its might, And all Thy works of beauty in the light Beneath my gaze, I'd make my noblest work a mother, too, as Thou didst, Master Artist of the Blue, In heaven's ways. Had I Thy power in mortal mould, The dust in which we dwell while growing old Each speeding year, I'd bring from Nothing's void a woman planned To grace the earth with goodness never spanned, As mine was here. But now I know as memory molds her clay, Or through the mists of tears she comes Earth's way To comfort me. More loveliness in absence does she wear Than Thou didst give to her, Or Man could dare to ask of Thee. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - November 2015)


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